Automated Supply-Chain Management

Third party cyber risk , easy - at SCALE!

Managing vendor security, data protection and privacy posture is an ever growing cost of doing business in an interconnected supply chain. IDRRA enables you to rapidly implement a customized and scalable VRM program across your supply chain while eliminating manual tasks and billable-hour costs

We automate your processes, augment them with aggregated data and knowledge collected in your field to allow you to focus on risk management optimization and meeting regulatory compliance requirements of your customers and vendors.

IDRRA Platform

IDRRA is a scalable AI powered VRM platform that streamlines security compliance across sectors, jurisdictions and regulatory frameworks

Automate TSPA

Automate your own processes, findings and measures. Eliminate spreadsheets ans get smarter vendor risk and compliance overview.

Contextualize risk

Automate findings to your own risk portfolio. 

IDRRA will constantly manage, track and recommend you and your vendor on how to optimize your contextualized risk exposure.

Verify controls

IDRRA enables you to continuously observe and verify vendor security controls by leveraging our 3rd party technology partners addons

What can you do with IDRRA?

Assess your vendors

Showcase your security

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