IDRRA automates 3rd security assessments at scale, enabling you to rapidly implement a vendor risk management program that addresses your supply-chain risk concerns

Our assessment and control verification platform enables you to streamline security, data protection and privacy compliance across your organization and your supply-chain while eliminating labor intensive costs

Focus your efforts, prioritize your investments, and optimize your resources. Build automated and repeatable processes in place of stopgap consulting measures

IDRRA Platform

IDRRA is a scalable AI powered assessment platform that streamlines and facilitates efficient and comprehensive security compliance across sectors, jurisdictions and regulatory frameworks

With IDRRA, both vendors and enterprises can perform AI powered assessments, conduct automated interviews, collect and review evidence, perform gap analysis and manage their security risk portfolio in a single, centralized location

IDRRA also provides broad customization capabilities so you can implement your entire vendor risk management methodology alongside IDRRA’s best practice frameworks and benchmarks  

IDRRA supports various security and data privacy frameworks, such as: NIST, GDPR, DFS/NYCRR500, FFIEC, OTTPS, CAIQ, ISO, CIS, SOC 2, HIPAA, INCD, and others - along with customization capabilities for the enterprise requirements that leverage IDRRA's best practice questioners and automated controls cross correlation capabilities


IDRRA is the only AI & Chatbot powered assessment platform designed to meet the needs to assess many vendors and other entities - from automated interviews, evidence inspection, and up to and including control validation - IDRRA will provide you with a holistic view and better decision-making capabilities throughout your supply-chain risk assessment proces


Our assessments are benchmark driven, enabling you to benchmark your risk exposure across your supply-chain, your sector, your regulation(s) or thousands of your peers.


IDRRA's automated contextual gap analysis (based on aggregated peer data points, your own internal policies and different what-if scenarios) provides advice around gaps identified to assist you in continuously improving your security posture and reducing your risk.

IDRRA Use Cases

IDRRA currently addresses two use cases that enable organizations to improve their security postures while reducing cost and time spent on manual processes

Automated Vendor Risk Management

Vendor risk assessment & management is an inefficient, spreadsheet-driven, labor-intensive process.
This inefficiency costs businesses quite a bit of money and takes a tremendous amount of time away from them. Further, managing and maintaining this process consistently over a long period of time has proven to be nearly impossible.

The need to continually evaluate both new and existing vendors, understand their security maturity, and track their improvement towards meeting your security criteria is a complicated and costly process.

Automated Security Risk Assessments

At IDRRA, transforming the broken, painful security risk assessment process into a workable, painless one is at the core of what we believe. Spreadsheets are replaced by our automated chatbot technology that guides you through one or more assessments that you are required to perform.

Our easy to use portal allows you to manage your progress and results, alongside industry-wide benchmarks and best practice advice that will support your prioritization and budgeting decision making.

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